About iNet Guardian

Children’s safety in an online world 

Children who access age-appropriate internet sites and content in a safe and well-managed environment may benefit in many areas, including self-confidence, reading and numeracy and they retain information for longer. However, just as parents and carers must engage in children’s education and social circles, it is important to engage in their online world, to protect them from inappropriate content and bullying.

Did you know that 5.43 million young people in the UK have experienced cyber-bullying? What a child sees and experiences online cannot be unseen!

We are Paul and Johanna Ford, co-founders of Edge IT Ltd, and we have a combined 40 years’ experience in the IT Industry. After having a young family of our own, we took the decision to develop an easy-to-use tool that can help parents and carers to manage their children’s online world.

iNet Guardian is a cloud-based service that allows parents to easily manage family online activity..

iNet Guardian allows parents and carers to have informed and practical discussions with their children, leading to a safer and more educational online experience. The aim of the service is to give parents quick and easy access to their children’s activity (via a dashboard), while allowing children to explore the internet in a safe and protected way.

The more that children understand the reasons for them to stay safe online the easier it is to incorporate online safety into their everyday lives. We feel that our responsibility as providers of Parental Guidance software and services is to not only provide the tools to do the job but to provide parents and carers with up to date information about trends in their children’s online world.

One of our key initiatives is to help parents guide their children to a safer online experience and help them educate their children to build a positive digital footprint. We regularly update our Facebook page, Twitter feed and Blog to allow parents to stay in touch with the latest online trends and developments.

As parents ourselves living this challenge daily we have first-hand experience and knowledge and we have coupled this with our technology background to help get the best out of technology for our children and yours.

iNet Guardian will protect a device on a Wi-Fi connection, 3G and 4G and has the following features -

  • Device access times

    Devices can have access filters applied governing what times of the day they can access the Internet. Limitations can be set so that the device can only access the internet for a certain period of time in 24 hours, such as 2 hours of usage every 24 hours.

  • Anti phishing filter

    Blocks malicious websites who purport to be a legitimate website in order to fool users into entering sensitive data such as user names and passwords.

  • Dashboard

    Shows the top 10 sites visited, the amount of time spent on them, top 10 sites that have been blocked, amount of bandwidth consumed and can be filtered per user.