Supports Multiple Devices

Supported on Windows, Android, iOS and Kindle devices.

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Dashboard to monitor usage

Shows the top 10 sites visited, amount of time spent on those sites, top 10 sites blocked sites, amount of bandwidth consumed and can be filtered per user basis for the last day, week and month.

Limit Device Bandwidth Utilisation

The amount of bandwidth (i.e. the amount of data that the device downloads) can be limited. This is particularly useful for households who pay for a set amount of data usage a month.

Device Access Times

The device can be set so that it can only connect to the Internet for certain periods of the day such as between 4PM and 7PM. Limitations can be set so that the device can only access the Internet for a certain period of time in 24 hours, such as 2 hours of usage every 24 hours.

Block Inappropriate Content

Restrictions can be placed onto the device so that users cannot visit sites deemed inappropriate including phishing sites which is a site that purports to be a well known site (commonly a financial institution) in order to trick you into entering in your login details in order to gain access to those services.

See what websites have been visited

You are able to see reports on which websites have been visited and how long has been spent on these websites.